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  • Our Kitchen

    From our kitchen to your table,
    from our family to your plate.


    In Appalachia, food carries family stories, memories, and traditions.

    In our kitchen, we pay our respects to those stories and traditions with every small batch we brew, with every sweet and savory ingredient we mix in. The kitchen’s where we bring it all to the table—literally.

    Many of our recipes are carried from old Appalachian traditions. Greg had his first taste of ramps—an Appalachian delicacy—on Uncle Roy's fishing trips down in Pocahontas County, inspiring our Ramp Dressing recipe. "While you’re wading down the creek, you'd find a patch a ramps, and dig ‘em up for lunch. You'd pair em with a saltine and deviled ham and it'd be a feast.” Uncle Roy, now 94, will convince you to try his ramp dressing any chance he gets. If you're from Appalachia, Wilted Lettuce dressing will conjure up memories of your grandma's kitchen.

    Some of our recipes are personal to our family. For our Copperhead Bloody Mary Mix, Veronica wanted a bloody mary mix with a real bite - and found inspiration for the name in an encounter between our son and a backyard copperhead snake. The first time we shared the CopperHead Bloody Mary Mix with anyone outside the neighborhood was the 2013 State Fair, where we won first place. The act of cooking—finding the right ingredients, experimenting, mixing, tasting—is where our family comes together. Delivering our creations to you is where we find joy.