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  • Our Family

    Greg and Veronica

    Meet Greg & Veronica, the faces behind
    Appalachian Mountain Speciality Foods.

    Greg and Veronica

    For Greg and Veronica, native West Virginians, there are no fences between food and family.

    Every one of our sauces, mixes and blends are made by hand in small batches, just down the road from our home in Spencer, West Virginia—with a dash of family story and Appalachian tradition mixed into every bottle.

    Greg spends every spare moment in the kitchen ginning up new batches of deliciousness. He hand-bottles every jar with a little TLC, and Peggy, Veronica’s mom, hand labels each and every bottle. When she's not behind a vat of Wilted Lettuce or Copperhead, Veronica is the face you’ll see delivering bottles and wholesale jugs all over these mountains. Brad and Gary, Greg’s brothers, help out with deliveries, and the original master, Uncle Roy himself, has been known to show now and then for a craft festival. Whenever the kids are in - Emily, Carly, Kelsi and Skylar lend a hand, too. Come food and craft festival season, you’ll always find a member of the family behind the pop-up booth ready with a sample and a story.

    Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods, in the true Appalachian tradition, is a family undertaking. We're living out our dream, and you can't beat that.