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     Greg and I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods customers. We so appreciate your patience and continued business over the last several months as we have battled my cancer.
     When we purchased this incredible company last October, not knowing at the time what lay ahead, we were so excited about its future...the well as ours. Yet, the unexpected threw us a bit of a curve ball and put a temporary kink in our immediate plans.
     However, like everything else we've faced and will continue to face in our life together, Greg and I will persevere. We are extremely optimistic and know that I am in great hands, spiritually and professionally.
     As I've said many times over the last several months as I've faced this disease head on, I will prevail...I will kick cancer's butt!
     With this said, I want each and everyone of you, our amazingly faithful customers, to know that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and Greg and I are very much looking forward to getting back to business as usual and growing the company and continuing to work with customers we've come to love and appreciate. With your continued patience and support, we know that Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods' coming year and the years to come will truly be phenomenal!

Greg and Veronica Stover
Owners and Operators
Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods