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     Nestled in the Appalachian foothills you will find a quaint rural town that is known for its rustic beauty, small-town hospitality and tantalizing cooking sauces, glazes and salad dressings.
     This place is Spencer, West Virginia and it is home to Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods.
     From our old-fashioned salad dressings, to include our ever-popular Wilted Lettuce Salad Dressing, delicious glazes and sauces to our all-purpose pickling brine, we are here to help you create delicious dishes that you and your family and friends will enjoy and will be talking about for a long time to come.
     As a family-owned business, our focus is cooking easy, quick, healthy, and with a discriminating palate in mind.
     Over the years, we have collected many wonderful recipes from our customers, which we have included for you. Yet, we are always eager to hear about new ways to use our excellent specialty food products.
     So, if you create a to "die for" recipe, please let us know so we can share it with others.
     In the meantime, please wander through our product line of salad dressings, sauces and glazes – our unique culinary gift – the best of Appalachia – made especially for you.
     And if you are ever in our neck of the woods, please stop by for a visit!

Greg and Veronica Stover
Owners and Operators
Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods